All Saints


Answers relate to London and include the name of a saint

1. Railway terminus

2. Address of Westminster Archives

3. Home of pelicans

4. Foundation associated with printing

5. Has an old operating theatre in the attic

6. Depicted in bronze in St Paul's Churchyard

7. Founded by a jester

8. Where Edith Cavell was assistant matron

9. Covent Garden school

10. Palace of Westminster porch

11. Previous name of Southwark Cathedral

12. Address of the Gherkin

13. Destroyed London Bridge

14. Garden with a section of London wall

15. Housed office of the Master of Revels

16. Home of Bram Stoker

17. Central line station

18. In the fields (other than St Martin)

19. Some 1250 houses were destroyed for its construction

20. Nearest station to Lords' Cricket Ground

21. Home of the London Symphany Orchestra

22. Southwark Circus

23. Location of memorials to local heroes

24. On the site of Jacob's Island

25. West end theatre


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