Guildhall Quiz Walk


A short circular walk from Guildhall. Follow the directions and look for the answers to the questions.

From the Guildhall Library entrance go right along Aldermanbury.
Q1. Who made Big Ben? The Clockmaker's Museum has the answer.

Cross Love Lane to the drinking fountain.
Q2. Whose gift was this?

Go into the garden behind the fountain.
Q3. There is a bust of Shakespeare but who is this monument dedicated to?

Look also for the remains of St Mary Aldermanbury Church

Continue along Aldermanbury into Aldermanbury Square
Q4. According to the stone outside the Brewer's Hall what were the dying words of the mother of St Augustine?

Go along Basinghall Street continuing along Basinghall Avenue
Q5. The Girdler's Livery Hall has two boundary badges. What are the dates on these?

Look for the Armourer's & Braziers Livery Hall at the end of this street to the left

Go right at Coleman Street.
Q6. On the right is a prize winning sculpture 'Ritual' by Antanas Bradys. What was the age limit for this competition?

Go through Coleman Street Buildings opposite (between numbers 74 & 67) into Moorgate
Q7. What building is depicted on the corner of the Habib Bank?

Look for other related motifs on this building

Cross Moorgate into Great Swan Alley and go into Moorgate Place to the left
Q8. What is shown between 'Sciences' and 'Education' on the Chartered Accountants Hall?

Look for other related motifs on this building

Continue along Great Swan Alley and go right into Copthall Avenue
Q9. Ahead is a phone box. How many panes of glass does the door have?

Go right through Copthall Buildings into Telegraph Street
Q10. What tradesman's sign overhangs the street?

Look for the shop itself in Whalebone Court

At the end of Telegraph Street cross Moorgate and go through Great Bell Alley opposite
Q11. Where were the circular manholes manufactured?

Cross Coleman Street and go through Masons Avenue
Q12. Which brewery runs the Old Butler's Head pub?

Look for the trademan's sign again

Cross and go left along Basinghall Street
Q13. Library Chambers at number 13-14 is decorated with which mythical creatures?

Go right into Guildhall Buildings
Q14. Which object is chained under the large wall lamp?

Continue into Guildhall Yard
Q15. Which people have busts outside the Guildhall Art Gallery?

Look for someone else in the corner

Q16. Which Livery Company provided the stone seat to the right of the Guildhall porch?

Q17. The perimeter of the Roman Amphitheatre is marked out in the yard. In what material?

Look for something else marked in the yard

Q18. There is an item of street furniture against the east wall of St Lawrence Jewry Church. What was its purpose?

Q19. On what day of the week are lunchtime organ recitals at the church?

Q20. The inner pinnacles of the Guildhall porch are decorated with maces. What objects are on the outer pinnacles?


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