Quiz 12

Ladywell Fields Quiz walk


Take a circular walk around Ladywell Fields and answer the questions as you go.
Walk clockwise from the toilets/ranger’s office.

The building that houses the toilets has a circular plaque.

1) What are the 3 letters on it?

2) How many cycle racks are provided?

3) What colour is the salt bin?

Follow the gravelled path.

4) What feature, good for wildlife, is on the left?

5) According to the banner at the Environmental Education Centre which organisation is concerned with ‘Rivers for People’?

6) How far is it to Deptford?

7) What species of tree has been planted on the right?

The parish church of St Mary’s can be seen from the park.

8) What is its highest feature?

The trees on the left have numbered red tags.

9) What number is on the very large plane tree?

Just across the bridge is a tall piece of sculpture.

10) What is it made from?

The new buildings of Lewisham Hospital overlook the park.

11) What colour is the top storey?

12) What sport is played in the enclosed area?

On the right is a small rose garden.

13) How many benches surround it?

A piece of trim trail apparatus looks like a ladder.

14) How many steps does it have?

15) Who designed the Waterlink Way milepost?

16) What are two of the things you should NOT do in the play park?

17) What colour are the elephants?

18) According to the notice board which organisation works in partnership with Lewisham to maintain the park?

19) Who provided the equipment for the Skate Park?

20) At Ladywell Station you should alight for what facility?



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