Covent Gardens Dates


The answers to this quiz are all dates however it is unlikely you will be able to complete it at home. You will probably have to go to Covent Garden to look for the answers.

Covent Garden Station (Piccadilly line) is central to the area or it is a short walk from Charing Cross.

A free magazine 'In and Around Covent Garden' is available in local outlets and includes a map.
There is an associated

1) Since when has the Nag's Head been brewing? (James Street)

2) What year was the Young Dancer unveiled? (Broad Court)

3) What year did Dr Johnson meet Boswell? (Russell Street)

4) When was Penhaligon's established? (Wellington Street)

5) What year was the first Punch puppet show performed? (West Piazza)

6) From what year did David Garrick live in Southampton Street?

7) When were the premises now occupied by Field & Trek built? (Maiden Lane)

8) When was the Westminster Fire Office founded? (Rose Street)

9) When was the Carriage Hall built? (Floral Street)

10) When was Admiral Edward Russell, Earl of Oxford born? (King Street)

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Enjoy your visit.


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