City Livery Companies and Halls


1. Which company has the newest hall?

2. Which two companies own swans on the River Thames?

3. Which company organises the Doggett Coat & Badge Race?

4. Which company has its hall in Gutter Lane?

5. Which company is responsible for Queen Elizabeth's College in Greenwich?

6. Which company has salamanders as supporters on its coat of arms?

7. Which company shares a hall with the Apothecaries?

8. Why does the Barber Surgeons Hall have a bow-shaped west side?

9. Who designed the present Salters Hall?

10. What did Loriners deal with?

11. Of which company was Samuel Pepys master?

12. Which hall has a terracotta frieze depicting its company at work?

13. Which company has a floating hall?

14. Which is the only hall to have its own chapel?

15. The Geffrye Museum has the ceiling and panelling from which hall?

16. Which hall is said to be haunted by a 'white monk'?

17. Which hall is decorated with paintings by Sir Frank Brangwyn?

18. The lost halls of which company are marked by a plaque at St Paul's Churchyard?

19. Which hall is pictured in the header?

20. Which company undertakes the Trial of the Pyx?