Kingston Local History Room

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Admission Free
Room 46, North Kingston Centre
Richmond Road, KT2 5PE
Tel 020 8547 6738
Mon Thurs & Fri 10-1 & 2-5
Tue 10-1 & 2-7pm (9pm term time)
Closed Wed Sat & Sun

Covers the former boroughs of Kingston, Surbiton, Malden and Coombe. Material includes: Borough Archives from the 13th century, local books, directories, newspapers, maps, photographs, taped reminiscences, census returns and a database of Victorian sources. There are also 700 paintings of topographical interest and the collection of Eadweard Muybridge. Online catalogue in progress.
Material should be ordered in advance (2 days notice required).

Free parking on site. Coffee bar (term time) and drinks machine. 2009