Victoria Street


Bluecoat School
Caxton Street

Gateway from old Tothill Bridewell

  United Almshouses in Rochester Row


Both walks begin at Victoria Station and finish near Westminster Station.
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Designed to link Buckingham Palace & Belgravia with Whitehall & Westminster Victoria Street was one of the four major streets created in the 19th century. An apt description is 'once lined with second-rate Victorian architecture; now lined with third-rate modern architecture'.

There are places to eat especially pubs along the route. The Methodist Central Hall and Supreme Court have cafes.


The south walk is up to 3 miles and the north walk is 3 miles all pavement walking The walks avoid Victoria Street itself but instead take in the back streets either to the north or south covering themes of education, housing, healthcare, law & order, industry, transport, religion and leisure. [Route & what to see - north]

[Route & what to see - south]

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